Stamping Symposium in Pitesti – something brand new on the Romanian market

The Stamping Symposium Pitesti was the first business event of this kind, which took place on November 22nd, 2022. The popular business hotel Ramada in the university town of Pitesti served as the venue. Representatives of various companies from the areas of mechanical engineering, supplier industry, consulting, as well as the University of Pitesti presented approaches to new developments. The event was moderated by Prorector prof. university dr. Eng. Viorel Nicolae from the University of Pitesti. „You have the power to make a change“ – a leitmotif on all levels. And an appeal to self-efficacy when it comes to proactively networking with the right contacts in order to constructively solve existing problems.

What has happened

The Romanian technology & lean company BANAT ENGineers SRL based in Arad, together with 5 other partners from Germany (Automatic-Systems Dreher GmbH, Eckardt Systems GmbH, Herkt-Stanztechnologie GmbH), Romania (SC Oechsler Romania S.R.L.) and Bulgaria (VAPTECH Ltd ) + The Faculty of Mechanics and Technology – University of Pitesti, held a symposium on the subject of stamping technology.

High-quality content in the form of exciting and innovative presentations filled the day of the symposium, which attracted around 50 participants. In the attractive conference room of the popular business hotel Ramada Pitesti, all stages of the entire production process for creating a stamped part were illustrated from the point of view of the latest technological approach: from the coil material and the preparation of the strip (Automatic-Systems Dreher GmbH) to the oiling (Eckardt Systems GmbH) to the stamping press (VAPTECH Ltd) and tool (Herkt-Stanztechnologie GmbH) up to and including its cost analysis (BANAT ENGineers SRL).

The mood was relaxed and interested – both among the speakers and the audience. A certain closeness also seemed to serve as a common thread in other areas: all participants were invited to integrate themselves by asking questions or bringing new topics to the discussion. Perhaps this proximity to industry was the reason for the University of Pitesti to get involved here, in order to contribute to the success of the symposium?

However, one of the most important unique selling points of the Stamping Symposium was not based on technical but on ideal ground: with the credo „Cooperation instead of competition“ a red thread emerged that ran through all program items of the day and in a very honest way on the part of the organizers.

What’s behind it

Are the organizers pursuing a vision? Definitive. With this new format (because there has never been anything like it on the Romanian market) they want to establish a place for networking: for customers, suppliers, interested parties and students. And through this place of networking, the existing gap between industry and university should also be closed. A cooperation with a university has the potential for students to develop a feel for future professional life through authentically presented practical experience – this not only conveys a real outlook, but also creates the opportunity to make initial contacts in the professional world.

Well-functioning networks are important everywhere. Well-functioning networks enable flexibility, power, growth and profit.

What was the result

The Stamping Symposium can definitely be counted as a success. BANAT ENGineers SRL (organization management: Ioana Ilea-Gab + Team) also certainly contributed to the success, since their well thought-out and high-quality organization made networking between participants and organizers possible in the first place.

But the excellent cooperation with the University of Pitesti also opened up future scope for the connection of business and research: because what business can give to the University, the University can also give back thanks to its research proximity (e.g. when it comes to areas such as valuable materials science). Sounds like a classic win-win situation!

What will happen

It’s clear to everyone involved: there will be a sequel. And interested companies are invited to register their latest technical approaches to be able to present them at the next Stamping Symposium.