We, from BANATENG GmbH and BANAT ENGineers SRL, support you with a holistic approach of your questions in the field of stamping and forming technology and improve your processes along the product development process.

We rely on the best solution and consider the task done when the desired changes have occurred sustainably. We are planners, concept developers and implementers.
Process optimization
From process analysis to improving results

You often work on process optimization... ... but with what efficiency? ... with what improvement of results?

Ever-increasing product requirements, shorter life cycles, internationalization of the value chain - many companies do not live up to this. As a result of the deficiencies of the process, cost pressure or high waste arises. Often, however, these are processes with direct employee influence.

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Focus: The technique of stamping in progressive steps

Why this service?

Every company has to face the challenge of finding a fair market price for the products on offer. This is all the more difficult in toolmaking because of the nature of the project, because usually every tool is built only once. Knowing the exact costs of a project right from the start is therefore vital to any company.

In Europe, there are several thousand companies that deal with the production of tools in a variety of designs. The area of the progressive tools assumes a central position.

The experience from many projects and seminars shows that the pricing of progressive tools and stamped parts is often very superficial.

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Value analysis

Why this service?

The value analysis describes a management style that is particularly suitable for mobilizing people, developing skills and promoting synergy and innovation. The goal is to maximize the overall performance of an organization (definition EN 12973).

The method of value analysis helps in situations when prices, dates and quality of products or processes are no longer marketable. In doing so, it essentially focuses on the fulfillment of market and customer functions, that is, thinking in terms of functions and values. This ensures that the products are not overdesigned and the processes used to make the products have a minimum of waste.

In the implementation process, the focus is on performing an accurate functional market analysis, with an interdisciplinary team and on this basis using effective analysis techniques and brainstorming concepts.

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Design / development services
Tool design punching / forming tools

Why this service?

With a focus on punching and forming technology, we design state-of-the-art simple, progressive and transfer tools as well as testing devices for you. We offer you an alternative to your own design.

At the same time, we are also at your disposal as a bench partner to review and optimize your own processes and standards. Thanks to our partner in Turkey, we are also able to support large projects. The communication takes place in German language.

We work in the following systems / formats:

Catia, Inverter for planning ???

Delivering in IGES, STEP

Other formats can be established by mutual agreement

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Technical training
We offer this training as an internal training!


Focus: technology, quality, cost


Focus: progressive stamp technology


Focus: Technologies, processes, costs

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Project management
Structured + intelligible + focus on the essential = high efficiency

Plan and manage projects ... of any size and complexity ... often with great pressure of time and cost

Project management is today an integral part of successful companies, as a core competence.

The ever-increasing product requirements, shortened life cycles, internationalization of the value chain and the considerable pressure of resulting costs require strong management.

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Prototypes and small series production
Sheet metal parts and assemblies

Why this service?

As part of the product development process (PEP), it is necessary to test the constructive solution approaches to prove the function of a device. This requires that the first parts to be produced with a technology very close to the desired manufacturing technology for mass production. It is recommended to keep the focus on the appearance of serial production from the beginning, so as to discover not only the functionality of the device but also the feasibility of the part used in making the device.

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Relocation of production

Why this service?

Relocation of production always entails high costs and risks. It is usually only considered when there are no reasonable alternatives. It does not matter if the relocation is done internally or abroad.

If there is enough time to prepare for relocation, it is advantageous. However, when it comes up suddenly, such as the supplier's insolvency, the failure of the production facilities or the differences that cannot be negotiated, the company is quite unprepared. Relocation involves a lot of time and financial effort.

There is one main objective: to make sure that the adjacent departments or clients have provided a sufficient quantity, necessary for the entire duration of the relocation.

In many cases it is found that the contractual basis is insufficient. Above all, the information regarding ownership, condition, performance data and dimensions of the products to be relocated can make the process significantly more difficult. Therefore, it is important to clarify these points in a phase that is not yet marked by relocation stress, for example, when the contract is awarded.

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Interim management

The solution to your bottlenecks ... ... in your management ... in your project management

Who needs interim management?

The management is already affected by the shortage of qualified personnel. As a result, interim managers are increasingly being used as temporary workers until qualified personnel are found.

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Technological support in the product development process

Why this service?

The market calls for shorter development cycles for new products and imposes high quality and cost requirements. This causes companies to continuously improve the product development process. There are a large number of potential improvements in the product development process, which can be achieved through a closer interdisciplinary approach and in-depth knowledge of the production technologies.

A product will work well, it will be economically viable and feasible, if it is possible to optimally match the technologies required with the client's requirements.

An essential condition for the transfer of a well-coordinated product into production is the continuous monitoring of the feasibility and development of the costs for tools and parts from the product concept until the beginning of production.

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