From process analysis to improving results

You often work on process optimization… … but with what efficiency? … with what improvement of results?

Ever-increasing product requirements, shorter life cycles, internationalization of the value chain – many companies do not live up to this. As a result of the deficiencies of the process, cost pressure or high waste arises. Often, however, these are processes with direct employee influence.

Do you recognize this in your company?

We help you along the whole value chain, to find the elementary processes and to implement them into daily business, but also to eliminate existing processes with waste.

The concept of “less is more“ often applies here too, as long as the little is used for everybody in a sustainable and understandable way at the place of action.

The process analysis covers the entire existing process landscape. This gives us an overview of your structures and assigns your existing processes to the so-called accompanying ones, supportive or core processes. With this approach we succeed together with your employees, even from the first phase, the identification of waste and weaknesses.

Together with you, we then clearly define the project organization and the overall project objective.

From the identified waste from Phase 1, we derive the potentials and their impact on the operating results, we offer them the appropriate level of priority (1, 2 or 3) and record them in a project profile.

We redefine the process profile with modified, added or omitted processes. Then we provide you with the necessary process measures

Process Priority 1: Immediate implementation and process measures

Process Priority 2: Implementation at a later defined time

Process Priority 3: will not be implemented

Derived from phase 2 we will create an implementation plan for the potential with priority 1. We supports the implementation directly at the scene of action by assisting your employees in the implementation.

We take responsibility for the implementation together with you!  
During implementation we will:
  • monitor the optimization of the process
  • create a status report for you
  • develop and implement a stable and sustainable process structure for you
  • train your employees for the tasks, competences and responsibilities changed or new
  • help you to implement in the process what you have learned
  • lastly, create a project completion report for you
We use the usual tools and methods for process optimization. In this we integrate your existing IT solutions.
The LEAN thinking of waste avoidance in all processes constantly accompanies our actions.
What documents do we provide you?
  • Project status reports on scheduling, quality and costs
  • Examining resources and capacity
  • Analysis document
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) process evaluations with process quality measurement
  • Process map
  • training documents
What are the benefits for you?
  • Thanks to an adjusted document structure, the processes are easy to understand for everyone involved. The number of documents is usually reduced.
  • More graphics and less text at the scene visualize clearly and unambiguously the process results.
  • Your IT solutions are meaningfully integrated.
  • The constant actual / target comparison leads to the early recognition of spontaneously occurring process deviations in terms of scheduling, quality and costs and gives your process high stability.
  • This way, you will get reduced processing and transfer times with optimal resource utilization.
  • Even with large orders with high complexity, you can rely on secure planning and control.
  • The increased motivation of the employees leads to a high degree of personal responsibility.
  • Exhausted maximum efficiency allows cost savings.
  • In the long run, this will stabilize the entire structure of the company.
The streamlined processes increase the competitiveness of your company and continuously improve your business results.
Process-optimized action is an indispensable entrepreneurial attitude. In a future-oriented company, it should be firmly anchored and understandable for all concerned.