Why this service?
  • The value analysis describes a management style that is particularly suitable for mobilizing people, developing skills and promoting synergy and innovation. The goal is to maximize the overall performance of an organization (definition EN 12973).
  • The method of value analysis helps in situations when prices, dates and quality of products or processes are no longer marketable. In doing so, it essentially focuses on the fulfillment of market and customer functions, that is, thinking in terms of functions and values. This ensures that the products are not overdesigned and the processes used to make the products have a minimum of waste.
  • In the implementation process, the focus is on performing an accurate functional market analysis, with an interdisciplinary team and on this basis using effective analysis techniques and brainstorming concepts.
What are our goals?
  • Compliance with the agreed project goals is ensured.
  • Products and processes are optimized by the holistic view.
  • Development and implementation are realized as quickly as possible.
  • The methods to stimulate creativity and influence motivate the employees.
  • Learning” from each other and with each other” promotes teamwork.
Elaboration of the project
  • We moderate the workshops purposefully.
  • We plan your projects according to the standard EN 12973.
  • We support you in the implementation.
What benefit does it provide?
  • A secure database leads to better business decisions.
  • The best possible use of deficient resources requires a high degree of effectiveness.
  • The holistic consideration of customer requirements optimizes your products and services.
  • Lower waste in the processes increases your competitiveness.
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation improves internal communication and performance.
  • With a common culture of value, you will understand your business goals more fully.