Why this service?
  • The market calls for shorter development cycles for new products and imposes high quality and cost requirements. This causes companies to continuously improve the product development process. There are a large number of potential improvements in the product development process, which can be achieved through a closer interdisciplinary approach and in-depth knowledge of the production technologies.
  • A product will work well, it will be economically viable and feasible, if it is possible to optimally match the technologies required with the client’s requirements.
  • An essential condition for the transfer of a well-coordinated product into production is the continuous monitoring of the feasibility and development of the costs for tools and parts from the product concept until the beginning of production.
Which goals are pursued?
  • The best economic development solution, respecting the delivery date, quality and budget
  • Cost transparency for tools and parts from the beginning
  • Professional development of designers
  • Clear documents for discussions with suppliers
What services do we offer?
In workshops, individual or group discussions, we offer:
  • Discussion partner for all technological questions related to stamping and toolmaking
  • Feasibility studies for individual development solutions
  • Support in establishing tolerances for individual articles
  • Support on finding solutions and alternatives
  • Technological training of the designers on a concrete example
  • Supervision of the purchase of prototypes and serial parts
  • Creating calculations for tools and stamped parts, based on market study
  • Preparation of documents for the inquiry phase
  • Discussion partner for suppliers, in case of technical questions
How do we get involved in the project?
What are the benefits for you?
  • Optimum solution thanks to neutral, supplier-independent technology consulting
  • Shorter development times due to technology-oriented development of the parts from the beginning
  • Lower change costs, because the manufacturability of the parts is ensured
  • Better negotiating position with suppliers due to well-prepared documents: drawings, tool concepts, tool and part calculation
  • Secure compliance with cost and deadline specifications through continuous monitoring in the project
  • Training of designers and acquisition department in the participation in the development process and working on the project