Why this service?
  • Relocation of production always entails high costs and risks. It is usually only considered when there are no reasonable alternatives. It does not matter if the relocation is done internally or abroad.
  • If there is enough time to prepare for relocation, it is advantageous. However, when it comes up suddenly, such as the supplier’s insolvency, the failure of the production facilities or the differences that cannot be negotiated, the company is quite unprepared. Relocation involves a lot of time and financial effort.
  • There is one main objective: to make sure that the adjacent departments or clients have provided a sufficient quantity, necessary for the entire duration of the relocation.
  • In many cases it is found that the contractual basis is insufficient. Above all, the information regarding ownership, condition, performance data and dimensions of the products to be relocated can make the process significantly more difficult. Therefore, it is important to clarify these points in a phase that is not yet marked by relocation stress, for example, when the contract is awarded.
Which goals are pursued?
  • Clear planning regarding the necessary expenses and risks of relocations
  • Ensuring compliance with deadline and budget
  • Avoiding bottlenecks in supply
How do we get involved in the project?

Planning and preparation

  • Defining the scope of relocation: articles, machines, materials, devices
  • Perform risk analysis: ensure supply for the transfer period
  • Analysis of potential suppliers
  • Inquiries start for representative articles
  • Evaluate offers and select suppliers
  • Set release scenario
  • Perform a trial order
  • Establishing the final suppliers
  • Creating a contract
  • Making a project plan
  • Define responsible persons

Relocation and testing

  • Providing the necessary for production
  • Establishing handling for: raw materials, packaging, measuring equipment
  • Relocation: documents, tools, materials, equipment, machinery, spare parts, reference parts from the last production
  • Adaptation of tools for use on supplier equipment, if required
  • Processing of the first order. Support through previous provider possible ???
  • Evaluate parts in comparison to the reference part or reference strip
  • Create initial sample test report as agreed

Approval + start production series

  • Examination of initial tests
  • Decisions regarding deviations
  • Issuance of final production version for suppliers
  • Coordination of approval with the final customer (automotive industry)
  • Ensuring the supply of raw materials
  • Ensuring the packaging
  • Training of employees
  • Customer support (previous provider) during startup
  • Task Force for startup issues (technology, logistics, quality issues)
  • Production of serial orders according to planning
What are the benefits for you?
  • Cooperation with very experienced partners
  • Structured and transparent procedure
  • A discussion partner for the project management of the entire relocation
  • Technological support in the start-up phase, e.g. problems with tools