Sheet metal parts and assemblies

Why this service?

As part of the product development process (PEP), it is necessary to test the constructive solution approaches to prove the function of a device. This requires that the first parts to be produced with a technology very close to the desired manufacturing technology for mass production. It is recommended to keep the focus on the appearance of serial production from the beginning, so as to discover not only the functionality of the device but also the feasibility of the part used in making the device.

This leads to short project completion times and is the basis for cost-optimized procurement of series parts and series tools.

We offer you the advantage of a technology consultancy at your location while ensuring cost-effective production of tools and parts.

Which goals are pursued?
  • Technology-oriented consulting for the best production concept (prototypes and series)
  • Optimizing the cost of the tool and the production concept, for prototype parts and small series
  • Short deadlines for project implementation
What services can we offer?
  • Production of sheet metal parts or sheet metal assemblies in the maximum dimensions of: 400x400x400 mm
  • Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals in thicknesses: 0.30-4.00 mm
  • Production of pre-finished parts (milling, lathe, grinding) in connection with their assembly
  • Surfaces: electroplating, painting
  • Design and manufacture of the necessary tools and devices
  • Technologies used: milling, lathe, grinding, eroding, punching, laser cutting, bending, edging, welding, assembly, painting and electroplating
  • Quality documentation: measurement reports, material certificates
How do we get involved in the project?
  • Technological consultancy
  • Coordination of the optimal production concept (for mass production)
  • Offer creation (tool price, part price)
  • Creating the project plan
  • Construction of the tools
  • Production of the tools
  • Production of individual parts and assemblies
  • Creation of test report
  • Coordination of the results from the prototype production phase
  • Recommendations for serial implementation
What do you receive from us?
  • Prototypes / small series in the ordered quantity
  • Quality documentation according to the convention
  • Suggestions for the further development steps
What are your benefits?
  • Knowhow according to Occidental standard regarding East European cost structure for tools and parts
  • Consulting with focus: best solution for prototypes and series parts
  • Short deadlines for the production of tools and parts due to work in 3 shifts
  • Recommendations for serial implementation