Focus: The technique of stamping in progressive steps
Why this service?

Every company has to face the challenge of finding a fair market price for the products on offer. This is all the more difficult in toolmaking because of the nature of the project, because usually every tool is built only once. Knowing the exact costs of a project right from the start is therefore vital to any company.

In Europe, there are several thousand companies that deal with the production of tools in a variety of designs. The area of the progressive tools assumes a central position.

The experience from many projects and seminars shows that the pricing of progressive tools and stamped parts is often very superficial.

Common causes are: not clearly defined processes in the order processing, the lack of standards in design and manufacturing and last but not least lack of time.

Due to the high complexity and the interrelationships between technology (punching) and manufacturing, offers for tools can only be made by expert personnel.

Determining the technological process results in the expenses for the individual production areas concerned and thus also the costs for tools and parts.

What are your goals?
  • Most economical tool and production concept while complying with requirements specifications, processes and standards
  • Cost transparency for tools and parts
  • Clear documents for conversations with your customer
How do we get involved in the project?
  • Explanation our calculation method
  • We explain collaboration and communication
  • Knowing the tools used
  • Establishing the key parameters for elaboration
  • Definition of standards for documentation
  • Signing of the confidentiality agreement
  • Adaption of tools to your conditions
  • View and evaluate the CAD data, documents
  • Preparation of a feasibility study with the evaluation of the critical characteristics
  • Drawing the unfolded part
  • Laying out the stripe image (optimum weight)
  • Defining the tool structure (plate assembly)
  • Elaboration of the strip concept (stamps, inserts, basic functional units)
  • Determining the expenses of the production areas
  • Determining the tool and parts prices
  • Creating the documentation
What documents do we provide you?
The following documents are adapted to your standards and processes.:
  • Technical tool concept (e.g. stripe , tool structure)
  • Feasibility assessment, (e.g. tolerances, facilities)
  • Tool calculation: material costs, time expenses and costs per area
  • Part calculation (work plan, cost presentation for each stage)
  • Optional: documentation for several variants, lifetime, realization of the offer and presenting it
What are the advantages for you?
  • Quick and informed decision regarding the offer price
  • More time to negotiate with your customer
  • Easily recognize and adjust the scope of negotiation
  • Convincing market presence through high informative value of the documents
  • Standardized documentation and easy to understand for obtaining the price
  • Benchmark for your internal processes
  • Free additional capacity for your technical staff
  • Full professional advice, if necessary