Structured + intelligible + focus on the essential = high efficiency

Plan and manage projects … of any size and complexity … often with great pressure of time and cost

Project management is today an integral part of successful companies, as a core competence.

The ever-increasing product requirements, shortened life cycles, internationalization of the value chain and the considerable pressure of resulting costs require strong management.

Today, companies are often confronted with a considerable complexity of project management tools. The challenge is to select and implement the requirements and objectives relevant to your own projects.

We help you find the best management process for you and implement it in your daily work.

The concept of “less is more“ often applies here too, as long as the little is used in a sustainable way. Your projects can be successfully completed even under high pressure of time and cost!

Which goals are pursued?
  • Development of the employees regarding the methodological competence for the project management
  • Implementation of documents, forms and processes required for project management
  • Realistic planning in terms of scheduling, quality and cost of your projects
  • Waste avoidance throughout the project
  • Compliance with quality requirements and deadlines without additional costs
How do we get involved?

The first phase corresponds to the analysis of the existing project management structure. We identify the existing strengths and weaknesses with your employees.

Weaknesses = waste

From the waste identified in phase 1, we deduce the potential and sub-objectives derived and define the necessary processes.

The priority of implementation is determined by the necessary capacities, running times and costs for the implementation of the optimizations and the expected optimization benefits.

Implementation Priority 1: Immediate implementation

Implementation Priority 2: Implementation at a later date

Implementation Priority 3: will not be implemented

Missing methods, elements, tools, processes and documents, specific to project management, are intelligibly introduced to all.

Often the existing processes are slimmed down and the number of documents is reduced.

For priority 1 the significant milestones (green / red status) are discussed on the spot, several times a week, at a certain time of the day, according to the rules regarding the progress of the implementation on the SFM-Board.

SFM-Board: visual display of status for everyone without emails and additional protocols.

Based on the decisions taken in phase 2 , the implementation always takes place on the spot together with your employees.

“We take responsibility for the implementation together with you!“

During the implementation we will:
  • Monitor the process optimization (status report)
  • Develop and implement a stable and sustainable project management process structure for you.
  • Implement changed or new tasks, competences and responsibilities
  • and finally create a project completion report for you
We use common tools / methods for process optimization
The LEAN thinking of waste avoidance in all processes constantly accompanies our actions. We will be in the proximity of your employees.
What documents do we provide you?
  • Reports on project status, planning, quality and costs
  • KPI Report (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Examining resources and capacity
  • Project structure plan
  • Training documents
What are the benefits for you?
  • Optimal structuring, planning, control and monitoring of your projects
  • Early recognition of deviations in terms of deadlines, quality and costs
  • Cost savings through maximum efficiency
  • Greater transparency in all project phases
  • Planning and controlling projects of any size and complexity
  • Clear reports, unambiguous, with more graphic elements and less text
  • High motivation of employees through growing process reliability and target achievement
The slim down and effective project management processes with focus on the essentials reduce waste, increase the competitiveness of your company and continuously improve your business results.
Your employees need to understand the basics, then they have the strength and endurance for big jumps!