The solution to your bottlenecks … … in your management … in your project management

Who needs interim management?
The management is already affected by the shortage of qualified personnel. As a result, interim managers are increasingly being used as temporary workers until qualified personnel are found.
Interim – Management is interesting to you in:
  • Bottleneck situations and market changes
  • Unexpected or underestimated sales value jumps
  • increased demands on the management personnel
  • Lack of stability of business processes
  • Failure to achieve business goals
We will be pleased to take over the temporary management and project responsibility for you.
How do we get involved in the project?
  • Clearly define the management / project objectives
  • Defining the management / project structure
  • Temporary taking over of the responsibility of the management / project, on the spot
  • Accompanying the implementation with significant figures and reports
  • Developing and implementing a stable and sustainable corporate structure
  • Transferring the tasks, competencies and responsibilities (again) to your existing management structure
  • Analysis documents
  • Project management or status reports
  • Process map (modified / optimized)
  • KPI Report (Key Performance Indicator)
What are the benefits for you?
  • Short response times to sudden bottleneck situations
  • Leadership at the place of value creation / processes and less in the office
  • Improvement of time factors, costs and quality
  • Without competition with existing directors
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Increased know-how and staff development
  • Stabilizing the corporate structure
  • Improvement of the earnings situation

Every manufacturer or supplier must position themselves stably along the value chain and react quickly to market changes. The ever-increasing demands in terms of time, cost and quality often call for temporary management capabilities.